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Shivality is a unique approach to realize the inner spiritual power that exists in every person in this world.


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SSB Socio-Spiritual Foundation (SSBSSF) is a non-religious, charitable trust registered under the Govt. of Karnataka in the city of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


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SatSri Subramanya Shiva Balan fondly called as 'NC Master' by the practitioners, is the spiritual guide of SSBSSF/NC.


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Mouna Mantapa: Temple Of Silence

The establishment of Mouna Mantapa is solely meant for the practice of Silentation by providing easy access, free to every one, all over the world as the noble Peace Mission taken up by SSBSSF.

Mouna Mantapa is the divine abode which gives abundant peace and calmness to the practioner of Silence inside Mouna Mantapa. The unique calmness of silence is seldom available anywhere else.

More about our Project

NC MSG 1275:

"What is Gained by Violence must be lost before you Prepare for Peace."

NC MSG 1280:

"If you do not learn from your mistakes there is no point in making them."

NC MSG 1279:

"Laws too Gentle are seldom obyed; Too severe seldom Executed."

Can human beings keep away from struggling in life?
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Why a living Master is essential in NC Shivality?
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The Purport of Sarvam Shivamayam
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Best Way to Discipline your Child
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What Abhyasis Say..

  • LakshmiNarayan G IT Consultant

    “I have been in the company of the SatSri for the last 7 years and there has been perceptible changes in the way I look at things that are materialistic. The practice of Silentation has helped me in many ways than one. The practice definitely is producing more positive thinking and I am slowly changing within”

  • SSRA Sharma Telecom Professional

    "NC Spiritual Positivity is an effective and result oriented practice to the real seeker to attain greater spiritual heights. Here is an able and expert guide who can answer any complexity and lead us to the salvation duely accompanying the practitioner."

  • Aravind B R Software Profesional, Devops Evangelist

    "Spirituality was a grey area to me before joining SSBSSF. SatSri simplified the subject for me to internalize it. Master cites lots of real life analogies which we can relate to.
    Before coming to SSBSSF they were professional dilemmas because of which I could not make decisions with clarity of thought. NC practice not only helped me to gain peace and courage, also I could identify my strength and weakness."

  • Prakash J Operations Manager

    "I have been practicing NC Spiritual Practice since the past 8 years. This has helped me to get courage and face life's challenges in a more positive way. I am much more peaceful 'within' and able to accept life as it is. I vouch that this is happening because of SatSri Balan's Divine Energy Transmission."

  • Rekha Dinakar Teacher

    "Practicing Spiritual Positivity as propounded by the NC Master Satsri Balan has heightened my spiritual sensibilities and has created an awareness about the true nature of the word ‘Spirituality’. It has given me immense peace and courage to face all of life’s challenges. The energy transmission during satsangh is something to be experienced to be believed. Satsri Balan is a living Master indeed!!"

  • Shrinivas Raghavan Data Scientist

    "I started with 'SSB Socio-Spiritual Foundation', attracted by the simplicity of Silentation Practice to empower myself. By constant practice, it has developed in me an appreciation the 'Power of Zero will make me a independent One'.

    In an digital age everything boils to 0 & 1. a mind which can through positive Spiritual Practice. The zero within as an independent individual to face with courage and day-to-day life situation in office, at home or with public."


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