SSB Socio Spritual Foundation (SSBSSF) is a non-religious , charitable trust registered under the Govt. of Karnataka in the city of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

This foundation has been established in the year 2005 with the objective of creating Spiritual awareness among the seekers and ushering Social Reformation through Positive Transformation of the individuals.

Founded by the spiritual guide Satsri Subrahmanya Shiva Balan for the benefit of the true spiritual seekers, this institution conducts regular spiritual training and counseling by trained counselors to evaluate the spiritual growth of the practitioners.

Nisargaateetha Chetana[NC] is the spiritual wing of this foundation. The weekly Spiritual Congregations conducted by NC is attended by several sincere seekers who would vouch for the efficacy of the system. NC is gaining its strength by attracting the youthful minds and becoming a force to reckon with owing to its thrust on Positivity.

Our Source of income is only the donations from the members of this institutions and some well-wishers from public.


The Practice - Silentation


             The NC Silentation system is a very simple and effective way of quieting the mind that anyone above the age of seven can practice. The uniqueness of the system is that during Silentation practice, the individual receives subtle Divine energy transmitted by the NC Master. This subtle energy works on the mind and reduces the flow of thoughts, mental agitations & negative thinking. The intake of this transcendental energy by regular practice of Silentation results in sustaining the silent condition in the mind of the individual. The Divine energy received begins to express itself as the unconditional love towards the manifestation. This condition of the mind begins to radiate peace where ever the practitioner goes. This state of being enables the practitioner to be positively productive in this materialistic world of actions and reactions.

             All that the practitioner has to do is to sit in a calm & comfortable posture closing the eyes and consciously control the flow of thoughts while simultaneously becoming inattentive to external happenings. This will gradually reduce the frequency of thoughts in the abhyasi paving the way for a 'thoughtless condition'. Silencing the mind is extremely difficult by the conventional practices of meditation and it requires the external help from an advanced guide who has mastered the art. At NC, the expert guidance is available from the Divine Master, SSB.

             The NC Master explains that only a blank mind has the receptivity of the Divine Energy transmitted from him. Further, the Soul of the abhyasi expands into the blank mind and gets translitted directly by the Master’s Soul establishing the Soul to Soul contact between them. Translitting is the unique process of injecting the purest blaze of the Divine energy from the Master’s Soul directly into the Soul of the practitioner so that the practitioner’s dormant Soul is activated. This will help reduce the impact of the negative samskaras in the practitioner. This is what happens at the prime Satsanghs conducted by the NC Master.


Uniqueness Of NC

Every spiritual organization is striving for the betterment of human life in its own way. Today, there are a number of such institutions and to choose one is the prerogative of the seeker. However, it is always beneficial to make informed choices. Here is the uniqueness of NC System:

Results in Positive Perceptions

The Practice to empower every seeker to have positive perceptions by infusing Positivity.


A simple and effective way of achieving ‘Inner Silence’(A thoughtless condition of the mind) free from all negativities such as fear, anxiety, worry, anger and the like.


During the practice of Silentation, the seeker receives subtle Divine Energy transmitted by the N.C master which works on the mind and reduces the flow of thoughts gradually enabling the seeker to reach a thoughtless condition i.e., Samadhi(equanimity of Mind and Brain).


Translitting is a unique process of infusing pure divine energy from the soul of the Master, directly into the soul of the practitioner continuously in the physical presence of the Master. This activates the dormant soul and leads to ‘Soul Expansion’ of the practitioner.

Overcoming mental blocks

A mental block is a peculiar attitude we have towards certain things and people. Though we know what is right and wrong and the brain is able to understand what has to be done, the mind does not cooperate. The mind takes its own course for we have no control over it. N.C spiritual practice will help us overcome such mental blocks which stand as obstacles to our progress and well-being.

A source of constant support

The N.C system has in-built techniques such as periodic counseling, In-House Silentation program, Power Sitting and Distance Sitting to make the practice continuous till tangible perceptional changes are achieved. The direct involvement of the Spiritual Guide in an individual’s spiritual progress makes the system distinctive.