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Spirituality since time immemorial has been advocating renunciation of everything materialistic. But, Spiritual Positivity is allowing an individual to experience their inner power even while living with the family in the society.

Becoming positive through spiritual practice is called Spiritual Positivity

The Goal is to transform an Individual Positive in every aspect of life.

Positive Perception is the ability to accept any situation, event, person or place as they are.

Spiritual Positivity gives tremendous mental courage to develop an attitude of non-dependency on anyone or anything.

Peace, Courage, Love, Truth, Wisdom and Righteousness.

One who practices Spiritual Positivity and is able to experience the six faces as mentioned above.

Yes, (irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion and Nationality) provided one is willing.

"Positive Qualities are innate and you exhibit only positivity always, irrespective of situation."
"Positive Tendencies are exhibiting positivity only in positive situations."

Positivity is the birth right of every human being. It helps one to achieve the Purpose of Life.

Silentation is a very simple and effective way of quieting the mind that anyone above the age of seven can practice.

Silentation strengthens the existing positivity in the mind by eliminating the negative thoughts.

By being positive we can negate the negative tendencies

Power sitting is a healing technique to purify the mind.

The major impediments to success is our own negative thinking. Positivity gives us courage to standup against failures and criticisms.

Yes. The simple and powerful method of silentation can calm down any disturbed mind.

Spiritual Positivity can be practiced from the age seven. There are no specific postures required.

Positive Energy works in a Calm Mind.