Shivality is a unique approach to realize the inner spiritual power that exists in every person in this world. Our universe is one among the innumerable other universes in the Space. Space holds the entire existence like the universes, black holes, millions of stars, planets and asteroids including the human beings. Yet space is practically all empty! It is a matter of great revelation that the human mind is made up of the ‘Space element’ but non-material. This mighty, infinite space is called ‘Shivam’ in Indian Spirituality.

The power of space is incredible and beyond the capacity of the human imagination. A fraction of the immense space though available in the human mind cannot be experienced because we do not keep our mind empty like that of space.

Shivam(Space) is the highest condition that a human being can attain in the mind when it is held totally empty devoid of thoughts, feelings and impressions. In this condition of Shivam, people experience peace all the time apart from getting a sense of being all alone like the space itself. Acquiring this kind of mental power, the human beings will be in a position to face any adverse situation in the materialistic world.

Shivality is being practiced by a number of seekers at NisargaateethaChethana, the spiritual wing of SSB Socio Spiritual Foundation (SSBSSF), a registered entity in the city of Bengaluru under the guidance of the spiritual Master SatSriSubrahmanya Shiva Balan(SSB), a realized Master of rare caliber.

6 Phases of Shivality

The NC logo symbolizes the ultimate goal of a human being in spirituality and spreads the message of the NC - 'Live in Prosperity and give Prosperous Life' spreading Divine Love. Crossing the six stages of spiritual journey(Peace, Courage, Love(Non hatred), Truth, wisdom and Righteousness) is depicted in the six triangle of the logo each assigned an appropriate colour.

Positive(Divine) Peace

The Peace created within you, without having any bearing on the happenings in the materialistic world is called Positive Peace. This positive peace is eternal and will take you to the condition of immortality.

Positive(Divine) Courage

The Courage created from the positive peace is Positive Courage. This Positive Courage does not disturb anybody but it gives the courage to face any kind of situation in this world. Positive Courage gives the strength to the mind to handle any challenges in life. Positive Courage motivates Self and Others. PositiveCourage will help you to lose the fear complex. Your Self Confidence will be enhanced because of the Positive Courage.

Positive(Divine) Love

The Love without hatred towards anyone is Positive Love. Positive Courage will lead you to have positive love towards anyone. Positive Love will not have any discrimination towards anyone. Positive Love doesn’t create enmity. Positive Love reduces the attachments. Positive Love doesn’t create worries. Positive Love helps you to realize the truth.

Positive(Divine) Truth

The Truth which doesn’t disturb you as well as others is called Positive Truth. The Positive Truth is the one that we perceive and experience. It will give the experience of the Positivism in you and reveals that the materialistic world is impermanent. It also reveals that you have taken birth only for liberation. In this condition one looks at the objects and events with a quest of “So What”? Further, one will not be affected or surprised by anything - truth or untruth.

Positive(Divine) Wisdom

Positive Wisdom descends in a person who has realized the positive Truth. Positive Wisdom unfolds the knowledge about Spirituality and Divinity. It can guide others for Liberation. Positive Wisdom will take you to practicing Positivity in life. Positive wisdom will guide you in your life.

Positive(Divine) Righteousness

Positivity is the highest condition of human being attained through the Spiritual Positivity. Positivity is the righteous way of living in this world. Positivity not only protects the self, but also others. Positivity can provide solutions to materialistic problems. Positivity leads to experiencing Divine Bliss within and also enlightens that you are immortal.

The Orange hexagon in the logo represents Detachment in Spiritual Positivity. The lamp at the center surrounded by the black circle represents the Soul with ego. The expansion of the Soul through all the six stages in Spiritual Positivity is symbolized by the glowing lamp at the center