Medical Camp and Free Distribution of Medicines

SSBSSF organizes medical camps regularly at different places of Bengaluru. This medical camp is for general public. Specialized doctors from distinguished medical colleges along with NC Volunteers render free service to the needy.

Names of the medical institutions that we are tied up with are as follows:
 1. KIMS Medical College   2. Ramaiah Medical College

Category of different medical specialities for which Doctors are made available in this camp.
 1. General Medicine  2. Obstetrics & Gynaecology  3. Orthopaedic
  4. Dermatology    5. Ophthalmology       6. E.N.T

Free medicines and health drinks are given for those who cannot afford to buy even simple medicines. The medical test reports are duly scrutinized by the doctors who offer customized remedial suggestions.

NC Publications

SSBSSF is publishing a number of spiritual books in English, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. With the aim of propagating true spiritualism which would bring about positive changes in an individual.

These books are distributed free of cost or sometimes at a very nominal price so that everybody gets an opportunity to read them. the total number publications released so are 40.

We have periodical pocket books in the subject of spirituality and spiritual training to motivate the practitioners and public to become posititve.

Wedding - The NC Way

NC Wedding are conducted under the auspices of the Divine Master. The Marriage is a one minute program of exchanging garlands. The Marriages are conducted in a very simple manner without any extra expense other than the expense incurred for the lunch. These marriages are conducted according to our Sanathana Dharma without any rituals. Marriages are conducted only after securing the permission of the parents of the couple. This has benn really welcomed by the public because it does not involve giving or taking any dowry. the institution proposes to conduct many more such marriages which will relieve the parents huge burden that comes along with conducting marriage in traditional way.

Monthly Group Meeting

We conduct a monthly group meeting on every first Sunday of the month. Members of SSBSSF have been divided into various groups and each group is assigned a group leader who is generally an advanced practitioner. He/She facilitates the conduct of the meeting effectively. Personal experiences are shared among the practitioners to improve their knowledge and faith in the practice and Master. It also creates a feeling of oneness a sense of belonging among the members.

Adhaar Card Distribution

SSBSSF has conducted a special program for the public to register themselves for Adhar Cards through an authorized agency Myshore IT solutions at Thyagarajanagar NC Office. This program was conducted during the entire month of January, 2012. There were 1,312 applicants who applied for Adhar Card through this program. This program was inaugurated by the Corporate Sri. Katte Sathyanarayana.

Blood Donation Camps

Blood Donations Camps are conducted every six months at our Raghava Nagar Branch. Eligible donors are identified after due tests and about 150 to 200 units of bloods is collected during every such camp. these camps are conducted with the co-operation of either Rastrotthana Parishat or Ramaiah Medical College.

Monthly New Letter

SSBSSF has been successfully publishing a bi-lingual(Kannada & English) newsletter called Mouna Chandrike. This newsletter is sent freely to the people who are intended to get it. As on today, there are about 1,500 members who have subscribed for this newsletter. This newsletter contains a special message from the Master along with Articles on Spiritual Positivity. The intention on this newsletter is to create spiritual awareness among all interested. It also highlights the events that took place at NC the previous month.

Conducting Classes

SSBSSF has conducted free Sanskrit, Drawing and Music Classes for the children. The Sanskrit classes were conducted by Sri. Sripathi Herle, Music classes were conducted by Smt. N.R. Ananthalakshmi and Drawing classes were conducted by Sri. Ananthakumar.

Butter Milk & Panaka Distribution

As a part of the outreach programme, SSBSSF undertakes distribution of buttermilk and panaka ever year on May Day. This is done with a view of recognizing the efforts of all labourers who help in the smooth functioning of the society. Also, to provide some respite from the summer heat.

CM Flood Relief Fund in the 500th Satsangh

A milestone was achieved on 25/10/2009. SSBSSF conducted its 500th Satsangh. to commemorate this occasion a function was held and more than 700 people participated. Members undertook a procession from Thyagaraja Nagar to Vivekananda School, Srinagar covering a distance of about four kilometres. this procession concluded with the members assembling at Vivekananda School. Master addressed the audience and enthused the members to practice with sincerity and dedication.

On this occasion, the founder of SSBSSF, Satsri, Subramanya Shiva Balan offered a cheque of Rs. 1 Lakh towards the Chief Minister's Relief fund to the distinguished invitee Mr. Ravi Subramanya, MLA of Basavanagudi Constituency. Mr. Ravi Subramanya expressed his thanks and also conveyed that this amount would be sent to the Chief Minister.

It has been observed that many practitioners have benefited spiritually and materially after attending thee special spiritual classes which has brought a lot of peace and harmony in their lives.