SSBSSF, a registered non-profit and non-religious, charitable organization was established in the year 2009 in the city of Bengaluru, Karnataka with a noble intention of reforming the society through individual transformation.

Through various training programs and other initiatives, SSBSSF has been instrumental in bringing about a positive impact in the lives of many individuals by helping them overcome many problems in their life.

Resolute in its mission of reforming the society through individual transformation, the system embraces a unique, simple and effective methodology through which the practitioners of all age groups belonging to different walks of life are reaping wonderful benefits.

Our Initiatives

  • Facilitate Holistic Societal Transformation by SHIV-AM Training.
  • Mental healing alleviates sufferings in the individuals and transforms the mind. Thereby, negative emotions like Anxiety, Fear and Worries are eliminated in the seekers.
  • Restore 'Primordial Mental Peace' for life-long joyful journey in this world.
  • Educate people about the true 'Nature of the Self' and 'Shivabalam' (Power of Shivam) thereby empower them to do ‘Self-less’ service to the humanity.
  • Develop a sense of sharing prosperity among people for peaceful co-existence.
  • Detoxify mind to eliminate the sense of ‘I & Mine’ in the people for wellbeing.


Mouna Mantapa - World Peace Centre, providing easy access for Silentation to seekers

School of Shivality Education & Training – Creating Awareness about Shivality

Sunday Shivasanghs, Weekly congregation of ‘Silentors’

Shiva Yoga Deeksha, For the craving

Monthly Positizing Program

Shivality Counseling

5-day In-house Silentation Program

Mouna Chandrike – The Shivality Mouth Piece