Sathyam Shivam Sundaram

The phrase 'Sathyam Shivam Sundaram' is very popular among the people in our country. Yet we need to know the real purport of the same. Commonly, people are preoccupied coping up with the changes taking place in life from time to time and this has been the pattern of one's living in this world for many lives. Though a man is accustomed living with changes, often he gets bored or disturbed in life because of everyday vagaries.

Getting Help From Shivam The Ultimate

We need help from Shivam though Shivam is known to be the destroyer. Everyone faces difficulties in life and life itself becomes a challenge to many. We may be not be in a position to find solutions to all problems in life. However, it is our duty to look for solutions.

Going From Ignorance To Complete Ignorance

In spirituality, the Soul (Athman) that exists within every human being becomes Brahman (Self) and the transformation process is called the spiritual journey.

Peace Givers and Peace Receivers

Shivaguru at SSB Socio Spiritual Foundation reveals the truth that human beings take birth in this planet for the purpose of experiencing peace. As this truth has become a hidden factor in the world because of the passage of time, people do not commonly realize that they are here, indeed, for enjoying the grandeur of peace, the most precious treasure in the existence for the mankind.