It becomes essential to know about Shivam for help in our life. We must also have the knowledge of the ‘Pancha koshas’ that constitute the human entity with Shivam as its nucleus and the koshas include the following five.

Annamaya kosha (physical body)
Pranamaya kosha (life energy)
Pranamaya kosha (life energy)
Manomaya kosha (mind)
Vignanamaya kosha (intellect/wisdom)
Anandhamaya kosha (bliss)

We need help from Shivam though Shivam is known to be the destroyer. Everyone faces difficulties in life and life itself becomes a challenge to many. We may be not be in a position to find solutions to all problems in life. However, it is our duty to look for solutions.

Occurrence of difficulties are very natural and we should know that we do not have any hold on them unless we ourselves are the creators of the problems. It means, we are trying to find solutions for the difficulties created by nature or fellow beings but not by ourselves. We find the situation verse because we do not want to face any problems in life.

We must know that taking birth in this world itself is a problem and it continues till the end of our life in this world. We carry the problems mentally along with us even after the death of our physical bodies. So, praying to be free from problems is unnatural and nobody can help us. Only Shivam within us can help us to find solutions provided we get connected to it.

We must also know that the sense of ‘I’(ego) stays in the mind. The ‘I’ sees the world in the cosmos through the brain with the help of the five senses that we possess. The ‘I’ can therefore perceive this world only when the mind (the host of ‘I’) gets connected to the brain. If the mind is not connected to the brain and the five senses, the ‘I’ cannot see this world beyond the physical body. But when the ‘I’ is unable to get disconnected from the brain, it is forced to see this materialistic world having umpteen number of problems.

If we know that Shivam can give solutions to the problems happening outside our physical body, we must get connected to Shivam, the core of our existence. Firstly, we must be aware of the existence of Shivam within in order to establish connection. But due to our ignorance, we do not get connected. Thereby, getting solutions from Shivam becomes very difficult. In order to get connected to Shivam, our mind should be empty without any impressions or thoughts. The goal of Shivality training through practicing Silenation is to empty the mind from negativities (impressions and thoughts). The mind free from negativities attains positivity. Once we become positive, then only it is possible to get connected to Shivam because Shivam is the state of non-existence and it is Holy (Parishudha, the ultimate in purity). Only an impure mind gets affected by the problems of the materialistic world. When the mind is devoid of impurities (mind with positivity), it becomes natural for the mind with positivity to get connected to Shivam provided the it does not perceive this world through the brain and the five senses.

Once the pure mind connected to Shivam, it perceives this world through the brain and five senses and it does not get affected by the problems of this materialistic world but the problems get solutions automatically.

Thus, the question of praying to Shivam never arises and the truth is that Shivam has no sense to understand our prayers.

A person becoming positive never prays because of the faith in Shivam that provides solutions automatically. That is how, people can get help from Shivam.

Shivality is the advanced spiritual training system that makes the seekers spiritually positive and get connected to Shivam within. Becoming Shivam is the only way to become insensitive to materialistic problems and avoid seeking solutions.

Shivam has the power to destroy the obstacles that create hindrances to get solutions to the problems and sometimes even the problems itself.