Shivaguru at SSB Socio Spiritual Foundation reveals the truth that human beings take birth in this planet for the purpose of experiencing peace. As this truth has become a hidden factor in the world because of the passage of time, people do not commonly realize that they are here, indeed, for enjoying the grandeur of peace, the most precious treasure in the existence for the mankind. There is a need in the humanity for exposing this hidden truth. When this happens, people understand that they need not struggle in life except for fulfilling the basic needs of the body like food, clothing and shelter. They should also be made to realize that there is no need for any kind of struggling once the basic needs are fulfilled. This will enable them to rest their mind in silence enjoying peace without searching for it elsewhere. However, human beings cannot sit quiet and contented. They keep looking for doing something or the other for attaining mental satisfaction. Each such satisfaction gives them peace. But if they are unable to achieve their expectations, they become dissatisfied and lose their cool. This gives a conclusion that human beings require peace from time to time. As the human expectations are not going to be fulfilled all the time, people cannot experience peace permanently.

SSBSSF is dedicated to the task of transforming human beings as the instruments to give peace to the fellow human beings. The minds of the transformed persons, the peace givers, become the implements of transformation because of the Shivality training given by Shivaguru.

Peace giving is the topmost position that a human being can attain in this Universe. The society should encourage their children to attain such a top most position in life. Acquiring wealth, name, fame and power becomes miniscule when compared to the position of the peace giver. With the increase of the population of the peace givers in this world, experiencing peace by the humanity, the peace receivers, would become as easy as receiving air and sunlight.

The vision of SSBSSF is to transform the interested people to become the peace givers and dedicate them to the humanity for establishing peace in this world.

People are welcome to avail this opportunity and become a part of such a noble mission!