The phrase 'Sathyam Shivam Sundaram' is very popular among the people in our country. Yet we need to know the real purport of the same.

Commonly, people are preoccupied coping up with the changes taking place in life from time to time and this has been the pattern of one's living in this world for many lives. Though a man is accustomed living with changes, often he gets bored or disturbed in life because of everyday vagaries. Particularly for the people living in big cities where the changes are more frequent, the need for taking a break from the hectic routine life becomes important. So, he tries to get away from the city life to be in some place of quietude and enjoy being without frequent vicissitudes.

After being away, in case he does not want to go back to the city life, he may continue to stay there for some more time. But when his mind starts feeling boredom being in the changed environment also, again he may try to go to other distant places to experience more peace, such as forests and mountains where there is no human habitation. After enjoying for a while in the new place, he may start feeling boredom again and his mind may begin looking at places away from this natural environment itself. He might even explore going to places like the desert. Once staying in the desert for some time, the mental frame of boredom prevailed earlier in the first place may prop up again. His expression of appreciation about all the places visited becomes short lived. Ultimately, when he is unable to find better places, he gets back to the city life and continue with the busy life. In reality, the mind needs peace and therefore he tries to find places with lesser and lesser disturbances.

Imagine a situation, where he finds a place with no mental disturbances, then how would that be? If at all a person is able to find such a place, it is only the pure mind where the thoughts related to the materialistic life are completely destroyed.

In spite of wandering at various places in search of peace man settles down at one place and starts meditating on Shivam (Antharanga Shivopasana i.e. Silentation). During the deep Silentation man experiences a higher peace than the peace he has experienced so far. He experiences the truth (Sathyam). He experiences the ultimate peace (Shivam). His mind will be in bliss, unexplainable and beautiful (Sundaram).

Many of us are not aware that the condition of Shivam exists within each one of us and that the power of Shivam can destroy the mental thoughts. If anyone is able to gain the condition of Shivam in the mind, then it would be the most wonderful experience in life. He definitely confirms that his experience is true, peaceful and beautiful than any other experience in this world.

Shivality is the advanced spiritual training best suited to gain the condition of Shivam and experience the ultimate peace.

Let every human being try to experience Truth, Peace and Beauty of Shivam and basically this purport is contained in the expression Sathyam, Shivam, Sundaram!