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What is Energy?

The entire cosmic existence is nothing but energy in different forms. While all physical entities like the Sun, Earth, Moon, planets, meteors and countless stars we see in the sky constitute energy in solid form; the fluids like water and oils constitute energy in liquid form. Further,the energy in gaseous form include the elements and compounds like Air, Oxygen, Carbon-dioxide, Nitrogen etc., Fire is the thermal energy. The other forms of energy include light, gravitation field, magnetic field, electromagnetic radiation, nuclear energy and bio-energy in all living beings like the humans, plants, trees, flowers, seeds, leaves, animals, insects etc., Energy in condensed form is called matter. Beyond all these forms of energy is the ‘Spiritual Energy’ available only in the human beings. This energy can be experienced only by the human mind in stillness (blank) devoid of thoughts and feelings about this world of materialism. The blank mental state is known as the condition of Shivam. It has the power to destroy the negativities in the human mind and make people spiritually positive. With spiritual positivity, people can realize Divinity already available in them.The cosmic energy cannotdestroy negativities in the human mind and hence it cannot help the human beings in spirituality.

What is Divine?

Divine is the existence of non-existence. It is absolute Void (Nothing), devoid of everything like matter, energy, time and space.Divine cannot be experienced by the five senses of the human beings. But it can be experienced by the human mind in in the state of blankness (the condition of Shivam) and it is the source of everything in existence.

What is Divinity?

Divinity is the creative and destructive power of Divine and the entire cosmic existenceis due to its creative power. Divinity also destroys the negativity in the human mind when empowered.

What is negativity in human beings and howit is destroyed by Divinity?

Whatever that is to be negated to realize Divine is called human negativity. It is known as ‘Bhuv-roga (Bhavaroga)’ that happens due to the desire and attachment of the human beings to the materialistic world. The common negativities are fear, anxiety, worries and the unfulfilled desires. These negativities, in turn, cause the undesirable attitudes in the human beings like hatred, prejudices, jealousy etc.,

When the human mind is in the condition of Shivam (Blank), the destructive power of Divine eliminates the mental negativities. This cannot happen when the mind is pre-occupied with the worldly thoughts. Only when the mind is blank devoid of thoughts and feelings it gets connected to Divine that exists within each and every human being and destroys the negativity in them.

How I can experience Divine?

Divine cannot be experienced by thesensory systems of the human beings. It can be experienced by the human mind in stillness, the condition of Shivam by transcending the five sensory systems.

What is human mind and how does it work?

The human mind when pure, is a speck of Divine. It is one of the five basic elements of the human entity namely Earth (Prithvi), Air, Water, Fire and ShoonyaAkasha. Mind is the Akashik element, a non-matter (energy) constituent that is invisible to the human sensory systems. The human mind is characterized by the flow of thoughts and other factors like emotions, feelings, perceptions, impressions, memory, intellect, volition, ego etc. It is dynamic and vulnerable in nature that can either rest in absolute stillness, the condition of Shivam or pulsate in a wide range of frequencies.

Mind works with the brain and its central nervous system spread all over the human body. It organizes storage and retrieval of the signals from the sensory systems in the brain. Broadly mind acts in three states, the conscious (waking) state, sub-conscious state and the unconscious state. In the waking stage, mind operates in full awareness and in sleeping stage it acts in the unconscious state. In the dreaming stage however, the mind will be in subconscious state. The human mind can also be in the state of absolute stillness called Shivam (Divine) in total awareness. Shivality training is to attain the condition of Shivam in the human mind.

Mind creates human ego, the sense of ‘I and Mine’ that can be creative or destructive. At the subconscious level, it stores all the human feelings as impressions called ‘Karmasamskaras’.The active mind connects the human beings to the external world and in the condition of Shivam it connects to the Divine within.

In summary, mind has several unique capabilities like the ability to lookwithin andthe cosmos outside, remain as an observer, carry the human impressions with it in the form of a subtle ‘Astral body’ in the life after death of the physical body and ultimately join Divine.

How impressions are formed in human mind?

Human emotions and feelings are registered as impressions (Karma samskaras) in the mind. All Karmic impressions are considered as impurities in the mind that blocks spiritual progression in humans.

What is the role of Karma Samskaras in human life?

People have to burn their samaskaras entirely to escape from taking rebirth. This happens when people undergo mental sufferings in life having a physical body. It is for this reason; the astral bodies will be restless to seek a physical body and come backtaking rebirth. After taking a new birth they forget the very purpose of coming back and continue adding more samskaras to their account instead of burning what they have already accumulated.People have to undergo mental sufferings to burn their samskaras like a person repenting and suffering mentally in life for being unable to come out of the conditions of poverty. Likewise, a born sick burn away the samskara by undergoing mental suffering for the inability to lead a healthy life.People can also burn samskaras by associating themselves with realized personalities and lead spiritual life. But, such personalities are rarely found in this world.

The common belief that samaskaras dictate the terms in lifelike riches enjoyed, poverty suffered and the conditions of good health or ill-health is inappropriate.The conditions of life on earth keep continuously changing due to innovations. People can reach distant places faster by flight journey which would not have been possible prior to invention of airplanes. Merely an accident met with would not be due to the samskarik effect. However, the extent of consequential mental suffering would be certainly due to the samaskaras. Likewise, any damage of a car due to an accident would not be due to the past karma samskara but undergoing consequential mental suffering would be would be due to samskarik effect. This can be noticed when we come across with people who treat the calamities in life lightly without any mental sufferings at all.Diabetic suffering, cancer, blood pressure etc., would be due to the changing life styles and not due to karmic effect. Even the defective birth would be due to genetic disorders and not due to karmic consequences. However, the extent of mental sufferings a person undergoes would be definitely due to karmic effect.

By pursuing spiritual life people can avoid adding karmasamskaras. In spiritual life, materialistic ego of the person is lost and mind transcends all kinds of feelings and attachments in worldly life. When transactions are performed in life without attachments, no karmasamskaras get added like a butcher. He does not add any karmasamskara while killing animals since the act is done without any feelings in the mind. Similar is the case with a solder in the war! Whatever done without intentions and feelings do not add karmasamskaras. Likewise, doctors do not add karmasamskaras to their account by performing surgery on patients. The best way to stop adding karmasamskaras is by the pursuit of spirituality.

Spirituality is the art of understanding ‘I am Divine and experiencing Divinity within’. It helps to be in an undisturbed condition mentally in life all the time unaffected by the worldly affairs. It is the only path of knowing the absolute Truth. Pursuing spirituality gives everlasting peace and people can live unfazed by the conflicts, battles and worldly disturbances. It eliminates theearth-bound bondages and attachments including the body consciousness in the people and connects them to the Divine within to live in everlasting bliss.

Let us understand the cause of worries in human beings. Worries are because of the mental negativities like fear and anxiety causing insecurity feelings in the mind about a variety of situations in life. Particularly, all negative imaginations cause worries and cripple normal life. While major situations like job insecurity causing loss of future earnings, health hazards of well being, life threatening socio-political uncertainties etc., could become major causes for worries. Often, minor incidences like accidents, losing out in sports etc., could also cause worries. In any case, it is clear that only the weak minded who get affected most because of worries.

Pursuit of spirituality intrinsically develops positivity in human mind boosting courage to face any kind of situation in life. Individuals would be able to take best possible actions in each of the situation encountered. Apart from this, the greatest relief that a person gets being spiritual is due to living in the present devoid of the feelings of the past memories and anxiety of the future uncertainty. In summary, spirituality alleviates worries in human beings.

Is there rebirth to human beings?

Human rebirth is a postulation in Indian spirituality based on intuitive know ledge of the realized saints of the yester years. However, in recent times, human rebirth is being established based on the techniques like past life regression. Investigations are continuing in various parts of the globe through data collection and ground truth verification. By and large, belief in rebirth is growing stronger among people in general though some religions do not believe in it.

Whether belief in rebirth necessary to pursue spirituality?

Right knowledge about existence of the Divine power within, human death and what happens beyond death including the premise for rebirth helps people to decide whether to pursue spirituality or not. When people understand that death is to the physical body and not to the mind and rebirth is due to the residual mental impressions at the time of death may help people embrace the spiritual path for liberation and realize Divine.

Why truth realization is necessary for the human beings?

It is necessary for the people to realize theTruth that they have come to this world only for the purpose of experiencing the Divine within and returning to their origin eternally. Only then they will be able to live in peace and tread the path of spirituality to fulfill the purpose. If this truth is not realized people will continue to be trapped in the cycle of birth and death visiting this planet with repeated births.

Why should human beings become Divine?

Human beings have a spec of Divine in them and they don’t have to become Divine. Though realization and experiencing Divine within are the primary duties of the human beings to live in bliss in this world and go back to their origin, people are not able to do so due to mental negativities. By experiencing Divine, people get a sense of independence from the happenings in this materialistic world and also overcome the mental negativities like fear, anxiety, worries and unfulfilled desires. In effect, peoplebegin to live in peace unaffected by the worldly happenings till the end of life, attain liberation from the cycle of rebirth and return to their origin.

How can a seeker benefit from Divinity in the Master?

The seekers receive the power of Divine (Divinity) transmitted by the Master if they have no prejudice about the him and the spiritual system being followed. This creates blankness, the condition of Shivam, in the mind of the seekers. Divinity has both creative and creative power. The destructive power dissolves the mental negativities in the seekers gradually. This in turn,establishes a firm base for spirituality benefiting the seekers.Many seekers have become the beneficiaries by practicing Silentation in Shivality training program at the SSB Socio Spiritual Foundation (SSBSSF), in Bengaluru under the guidance of Shivaguru, the founder spiritual Master.

What is Silentation?

Silentation is a well-established system of spiritual practice that creates blankness in the minds of the seekers with total dedication. It awakens Divinity in them. This system is the outcome of the arduous tapas of Shivaguru, SatsriSubrahmanya Shiva Balan (SSB), the founder of SSBSSF in Bengaluru.

Who can practice Silentation and what are the basic requisites for it?

Any person, male or female, above the age of seven can practice Silentation system. The basic necessity is the wholehearted quest to pursue spirituality in the seekers. Further, dedication and discipline helps in faster attainment of blankness in the mind. It is also necessary to remove any kind of prejudice about the system and the Master as it would block the flow of Divinity from the Master to the Seekers.

Why do we need a spiritual Master to practice Silentation?

Cleansing of impurities in the minds of the seekers and awakening Divinity in them happens because of the power of Shivam (Divine) in the Master. Access to a living Master of calibre for practising Silentation is needed. This need ceases when once the seekers are able to attain blankness the moment they close their eyes and begin Silentation.

Whether Silentation is different from other meditation techniques?

Silentation system of spiritual practice is different from other meditation techniques. During Silentation the seeker is not required to do anything other than closing the eyes and sitting quiet and ignoring the flow of thoughts. No visualization, observation, tracking of thought process etc., are involved in Silentation practice. It is simply being mentally silent. The power of Shivam in the Master works on the mind of the seeker for cleansing and awakening Divinity.

Who can be a truly blissful person?

A person who knows truth about self can only be a blissful person.

What is the purpose of human birth?

The purpose of human birth is realizing the Divine within in this life itself and living in peace with undisturbed mind independent of the worldly happenings.

What is meant by being spiritual?

Being spiritual is to live enlightened in the expanded awareness of the Divine within. This helps the seeker to lose duality and develop the mental perception of oneness with the entire existence. Thereby, the seeker lives in eternal peace, free from worries, anxiety, fear and unfulfilled desires.

Who is a Shivaguru and how do we find such a person?

Shivaguru is a realized person living in the condition ofShivam. You will certainly find a Shivaguru if your search is genuinely deep and not meant for merely intellectual pursuit. Even the path of search gets unfolded to you when the mind is blank devoid of thoughts and feelings.

What are the specialties of Shivagurus?

Shivagurus are rare personalities in this world. They are directly connected to Divine like Lord Krishna, Lord Subrahmanya, Lord Dakshinamurthy, Lord Jesus etc. They exhibit extreme tolerance and transmit Divine power (Divinity) that can destroy the negativities of the human beings when received. Only when the human mind is in the condition of stillness (blankness), Divine transmission can be received.