Mouna Mantapa

World Peace Center

Human beings in this world want to live peacefully and happily. If all of us can experience peace eternally there will be no room for negativity in the society such as fear, greed, envy, jealousy, vengeance, disappointments, worries, anxiety etc. Peace is our birth right and it has the power to even stop wars and promote a feeling of oneness in humanity worldwide, encircling different countries.

Looking at the deteriorating condition of peace in humanity today, Shivaguru SatSri Subrahmanya Shiva Balan has established the World Peace Centre in Bengaluru, with a ‘Mission’ to spread peace in this world by transforming the minds of the people. He formalized and introduced ‘Shivality – Mind Healing System’ to the people based on his arduous penance of realizing ‘Who am I’ and extensive research of the human mind.

Shivaguru has trained a ‘Core Group’ comprising of more than 250 people who volunteered at the World Peace Centre. He is determined to eradicate peace-lessness in the society. He assures that everyone practicing Shivality System will be transformed as highly positive individuals and not only live in eternal peace but promote peace in others as well.

With the infrastructure of Mouna Mantapa planned at Yelahanka in Bengaluru that includes an energized ‘Silentation Module’ where the seekers can practice Silentation and also experience the power of ‘Shiv-am – Inner Silence’, facilities for the Shivality Resort, Centre for Advanced Shivality Research and Science etc. Shivaguru envisions spreading peace in the humanity worldwide.

Join your hands to participate in World Peace Mission