Our Master

The founder, Shivaguru Satsri Subramanya Shiva Balan, has done extensive research in human transformation through his arduous penance and introspection of the mind. He creates awareness in the people about their true infinite potential by sharing his own transformational experience and guiding them for their inner development.

An eloquent and spontaneous orator, Shivaguru's lucid explanation of abstract Shivalic concepts makes the understanding and practice of Shivality a simple proposition. He gives maximum attention to mind cleansing through ‘Silentation’. Thereby the seekers are equipped to face any tough situations in life with a cool and undisturbed attitude. Originality and Simplicity best describe this rare living Shivaguru whose words never fail to strike a chord deep within us making us instantaneously aware of his Supreme divinity.

He runs the ‘School Of Shivality’ and takes personal care to ensure progression of positivity in every seeker in the organization. He constantly scrutinizes the progress of every seeker practicing Shivality under his direct guidance. The people who regularly attend the Shivsangh (Congregation of Silentors) in his presence develop the capability of receiving 'Shivabalam' (Supreme Divine Energy) transmitted from him which helps in attaining the condition of Shivam.

Shivalic Transmission

As we perform various activities and tasks during the day we dispel our energy. People from all walks of life business, IT professionals, working parents, housewives, laborers, job aspiring candidates none excluded in facing a lot of pressure and exhaust their energies to make both ends meet in day to day life. If the energy we have is not channelized then it gets dissipated in unnecessary matters and drains us completely. Then it becomes difficult to handle our tasks and that creates stress in the brain.When this pattern is continued recurrently, it leads to development of fear, anxiety and worries in us because of our inability to deliver on the commitments. Also tension in the mind leads to further complications that reflect in our health such as migraine, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, indigestion, insomnia etc.

In this frenzy world today where people are craving for a means to have a healthy mind and energetic life there is a simple yet powerful technique available to recharge, rejuvenate and boost our energy levels. This technique is prescribed in the Shivality system found out by Shivaguru SatSri Subrahmanya Shiva Balan who has embarked on a noble mission of establishing global Peace in the humanity. This technique uses Shivalic Energy that is abundantly available in Shivam, the epitome of eternal peace. Shivaguru has attained the condition of Shivam and the common people can draw Shivalic Energy from him through a simple process. This is a very powerful energy that recharges and empowers the receivers to carry on the tasks tirelessly and more efficiently.

Apart from the above, Shivalic Energy helps the people by permanently eliminating the negative tendencies like fear, anxiety and worries and fills them with positivity to face the challenges in daily life. Also, it improves the immunity power in the people and brain skills are sharpened. Ailments are cured and mind is empowered to face any challenge.Thus the people are benefitted both mentally and physically.

The process of drawing Shivalic Energy is quite easy and everyone can do it. All we need to do is look at the photograph of Shivaguru and meditate by concentrating on his eyes. Our eyes will automatically close after a few minutes, mind relaxes and the waves of thoughts gradually die down. By practicing regularly, our mind attains blankness begins to draw the power from Shivaguru.

The method of meditation described above is know as Silentation. As we continue Silentation for about 20 to 30 minutes. We can feel the Shivalic energy flowing through us. This technique has worked for numerous people and they are seeing a remarkable difference in their lives. This is a fairly simple technique to practice and follow. It can be done daily as many times as possible.

Shivaguru desires to spread the awareness about this technique in the society far and wide so that everyone can enjoy a peaceful and joyful life.

Photograph of the Shivaguru can be downloaded here.