Spiritual Activities

Prime Satsangh

Weekly Prime Satsanghs are conducted every Sunday at Kathriguppe at 8.30AM and 5PM. These spiritual congregations are attended by about 300 to 350 seekers.

These Satsanghs are conducted by Shivaguru Satsri followed by his spiritual address. Participants can experience the divine energy during the satsangh and feel the mind becoming light. Attending the satsanghs regularly will help the participants grow spiritually and acquire positive perceptions. Their negative qualities will fade away gradually and they will become positive naturally. They themselves can find the change in them as well the family members. Their approach towards the society is different and more harmonious in comparison to the general public.

Shivality Training

Shivality Training is conducted once in 3 month as a 'one full day program'. All the practitioners will be participating in this program which will be commencing by 9.30AM in the morning. There will be a special Satsangh followed by the Master's spiritual discourse. A questionnaire on spirituality is given to all assembled to check on their spiritual quotient and progress. Responses are checked, discussed and validated. Deserving practitioners are then acknowledge. The day ends with everyone assembled paying homage to this great land of ours by reciting the National Anthem.

Silentation Practice at Home

All the Practitioners are required to practice Silentation daily at their homes regularly as per the timings prescribed both in the morning, evening and before going to bed at night. This helps instant expulsion of the effects of the negative thoughts and actions arising out of our routine activities.

Anniversary - The Festival of Love

Festival of Love is a celebration of our Master's birthday. The last Sunday in the month of June has been chosen for this occasion. The day begins with the practitioner welcoming the Master who will then conduct a Special Satsangh. As the day unfolds, practitioner joyously take part in entertainment programmes[Classical dances and Music] which keep us rooted in our culture. Many V.I.P's(educationalists, area councilors..) also grace the occasion.

The air is filled with camaraderie. Snacks and lunch is served for a huge gathering of about 600 people. Since DISCIPLINE is the hallmark of all SSBSSFprogrammes, we have naturally garnered the goodwill and support of the general public.

Special Classes on Shivality

Special Shivality classes are conducted on every Saturday for interested group of people. Members who are willing to adhere to a spiritual discipline and who can lead a spiritual way of life join this class to acquire more positivity and get transformed at the earliest.

These classes are based on certain scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Vivekachoodamani, Ashtavakra Gita, Kathopanishad, Guru Geetha etc. The essence of all these scriptures will be explained in detail in these classes.

It has been observed that many practitioners have benefited spiritually and materially after attending thee special spiritual classes which has brought a lot of peace and harmony in their lives.

Branch Shivsangh

Satsanghs are conducted regularly on specific days at all SSBSSFService Branches spread over the city of Bengaluru, Davangere and Kuzhumani(Tamil Nadu). the practitioners exchange their experiences and learn more about the SSBSSFprinciples and Silentation practice through group discussions. The advanced practitioners and the energizers enlighten the new comers.

House Satsanghs

Satsanghs are also conducted at individual houses periodically upon specific request where a group of SSBSSFpractitioner meet and practice Silentation. This creates an atmosphere of serenity and quietude in the houses dispelling the negative energy accumulated by the negative thoughts and actions of the inhabitants. This gathering also helps in developing better relationships amongst the NC-ites and other householders. This can gradually develop into a larger community feeling among the people.

Mentality Development Program

This is a special program conducted for selected practitioners who are interested in Mentality Development and Transformation. An interactive forum enables the participants to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses and on the same for better progress in all walks of life.

Subtle energy transmission simultaneously cleanses the mind of all unwanted thoughts. The idea behind this program is to bring about positive mental transformation which leads to higher perceptions. Other areas looked into are:

  1. Educating parents on positive parenting.
  2. Empowering the practitioner to have fulfilling relationships with their kith and kin.
  3. Training housewives to multitask.
  4. Enabling professionals to move on from good, to better and the best.
  5. Training students in self- discipline and other tools(better concentration, improving their grasping skills) to handle their day to day affairs.

Spiritual Demos

To create an awareness about spirituality among the public, SSBSSF conducts various demonstrations at different places in the city of Bengaluru. These demonstrations help the participants to understand about out Spiritual System, Method and Master. People who are interested are gladly welcomed.

About 80% of the members have joined this system after having personally witnessed such demonstrations at the following places:

1. Malleshwaram 2. Srinagar
3. Thyagarajanagar 4. Marathahalli
5. Nagabhavi 6. Girinagar
7. Hanumanthanagar 8. Avalahalli
9. BTM Layout 10. Bhuvaneshwarinagar
11. Rajajinagar 12. Vijayanagar
12. Manjunath Nagar 14. Halasuru
15. Nandini Layout

and many more centers in and out of Bangalore.

In-House Silentation

In-House Silentation is a special program and discipline introduced to the spiritual practitioners. We have separate premises exclusively for this, away from the city hub.. Participants have to maintain silence continuously for one week at the end of which their spiritual progress is gauged through a counselling and interactive session. This Practice of silentation continuously for one week can reduce stress, anxiety, fear etc. This programme is open to public. Satvik food is served during the entire week which in turn lightens the body and mind.