Temple of Silence

The establishment of Mouna Mantapa is solely meant for the practice of Silentation by providing easy access, free to every one, all over the world as the noble Peace Mission taken up by SSBSSF.

Mouna Mantapa is the divine abode which gives abundant peace and calmness to the practioner of Silence inside Mouna Mantapa. The unique calmness of silence is seldom available anywhere else.

The charged interior of the Mouna Mantapa(sanctum sanctorum) induces a peaceful condition to the mind within a few seconds of Silentation in the abode. Scientific evidence reveals that all human actions are the result of specific thought processes arising in the complex brain and mind-energy field interactions. Mouna Mantapa would enable us to realize and dwell deep in empty mind eventually and see the 'true self' encapsulated in Divine Love. There will be total perceptional changes which will lead to transformation in the way we look not only at our own life but also at all life forms filled with Divine, unconditional love and compassion.

As truth envelopes our existence, we will be guided and empowered to face the challenges in life naturally and live in peace, tranquility and serenity. The Divine Master strongly believes that Divinity is not for sale. The access to Mouna Mantapa should therefore be provided to humanity freely, irrespective of nationality, gender, religion, and caste etc. All must be treated equally, reinstates Divine Master.

Though the altar of Mouna Mantapa is finished all other constructions related to this abode is not yet finished. The construction is going on with the available funds and will completely finished when funds are recieved.