SatSri Subramanya Shiva Balan fondly called as 'NC Master' by the practitioners, is the spiritual guide of NC. An accomplished living Master of rare caliber, SatSri is known to have mastered the art of silencing the mind and connecting to the inner spirit along with the ability to travel deep into the spiritual world beyond the astral and brighter worlds.

In order to benefit the common people from the fruits of his arduous spiritual penance, he established an institution in the name of SSB Socio-Spiritual Foundation (SSBSSF) dedicated to research and training in Spirituality. After a decade of intense research at SSBSSF, SatSri introduced Spiritual Positivity, an innovative, simple and easy to practice system, to hundreds of disciples at Nisargaateetha Chethana (NC), the spiritual wing of SSBSSF.

He is here to share with the people his wisdom about the benefits of pursuing ‘Shivaity’, a novel approach to spirituality.

SatSri is controlled by Sat[Divinity]. He has nothing to pray for nor does he worship any idol or deity. He does not feel compelled to carry out any rituals and follow religious dogmas. Extremely rational in approach and outlook, He makes no distinctions based on human considerations such as caste and religion.

An eloquent and spontaneous orator, SatSri’s lucid explanation of abstract spiritual concepts makes the understanding and practice of spirituality a simple proposition. He neither consults scriptures nor indulges in often repeated spiritual jargon

Originality and Simplicity best describe this rare living Master whose words never fail to strike a chord deep within you making you instantaneously aware of his divinity.

Like a parent nurturing the child at different stages, till he is transformed into a responsible adult, SatSri takes personal care of each and every seeker till he reaches the ultimate goal of enlightenment in life. He envisions spreading the awareness about Spiritual Positivity to benefit the people far and wide.

He constantly scrutinizes the progress of the seekers practicing Spiritual Positivity under his direct guidance. The people who regularly attend the spiritual congregations in his presence develop the capability of receiving the ‘purity’ (Divine Energy) transmitted from him and attain inner silence

He firmly believes that a true seeker can one day become a master himself provided he is totally positive and disciplined in his approach.

‘Seeing is believing’ is an oft quoted statement. At NC spiritual congregations, you don’t have to just see to believe, you can experience and feel the positive vibrations. Herein lies the greatness of the Master SatSri Balan who is divinity personified.