Spiritual Positivity is derived from the Spirit. The human ego however clouds the spirit within us and makes it dormant. So you remain unaware of its colossal energy. Only a Sadguru can help you discover this spirit and activate it, so that its full potential is realized.

Everyone should realize that they are living in this world because of the spirit. This spirit which has given them life, has also got the strength of giving them the living. They, however struggle to live in this world because everything they do or say is dominated by their ego which is a mixture of positivity and negativity with the latter being more dominant.

Spiritual Positivity is a condition of the mind created by the spiritual power. Though everyone has the ability to acquire spiritual power, they are not in the position to get it because of their impure mind. This impure mind has to be transformed into a pure mind through the spiritual energy drawn from an expanded spirit - the guru. Once they succeed in drawing this energy, the mind gets gradually cleansed and becomes positive. Such a mind becomes a perfect ground for spiritual expansion. The supply of the power will be uninterrupted, only if the purity of mind is maintained always.

This spiritual positivity accrues a number of benefits such as higher perceptions, ability to endeavor tirelessly, absence of any inhibitions which may arise due to mental blocks to name just a few.