The Urgent Need for peaceful society

Today in the modern world, technology is growing at an immeasurable speed and spreading its impact and influence to wide range of human activities. We all know that the purpose of technology is to make our life comfortable. Though we can say that it has brought comforts, by increasing the comfort zone mentality it has created restlessness in human beings. The present society is faced with increased number of challenges like Climate imbalance, Destruction of nature, Extreme consumerism, Waste Management, emergence of new diseases through unknown viruses, Terrorism, war between nations etc

There is growing level of distrust amongst people. It has become difficult to believe neighbors/friends and infact our siblings as well. We are becoming more and more centered towards achieving our selfish needs and remain oblivious of its impact to others. Most of the people in society constantly think of how to improve their material needs. People are not even hesitating to take extreme steps like suicide/murder even for minor issues. Making Money is becoming the primary goal of human beings. To achieve the same, people are ignoring even the basic human qualities like Love, Faith, respect etc. Such an attitude develops negative tendencies amongst human beings. It makes not to have even the faith for themselves. Society does not know that losing love, faith and respect in themselves and others, it cannot develop peace.

There has been efforts by various international foundations (like UN), Govt institutions, NGOS/Religious institutions to bring harmony. The international & Govt institutions create various legislations /rules/regulations/negotiations to bring the society in order. The NGOs/Religious institutions with the selfless motive are doing various social activities to bring harmony.

Since the fundamental issues and negativities in humans have not transformed to positivity’s, there is a need to keep on improvising the rules/regulations/legislations to sustain the harmony and peace of society. The increasing unrest in society will make different factions and groups to pull and push or mend the laws in their favor. As days grow, the legislations becomes complex and people try to manipulate the same to meet their selfish needs.

There is also a need to constantly grow the non-governmental and semi-governmental and private Institutes as there is no dearth of problems in the society. It is like developing more hospitals rather than improving the immunity of people. Though hospitals are needed, but as patient population increases, there is a need to keep on opening new hospitals. Similarly, now a days there has been focus to increase the security systems/forces. The trust level amongst people is at a very low level. So, in this condition should we increase the security systems/force rather than focusing on establishing harmony/peace amongst people? Now think of cost factors like building new systems/forces/legislations & its increased cost of maintenance. Have we ever thought of where would be the end? Are we creating more problems or solving problems?

We do have the education systems where the focus is only on understanding the material world. The education is not awakening the viveka to choose the positivity over the negativity. The focus on moral/ethics is highly minimal. Hence we see highly educated people getting involved in crimes/corruption/unethical business practices etc

Though the human brain has evolved the human mind has not evolved. The human mind can be evolved by right Spiritual and positive cultural training only. Man has to become complete human species. Then only, everyone in this world can live happily and peacefully.

If the society’s goal is to establish peace, then the society has to think on remodeling its approach/behavior/education systems/ etc. There is a dire need to create a peaceful and harmonious society.

Imagine if the society is full of only positive people, how would it be? The whole energy/resources would be utilized only for holistic development. Such people never disturb others or take disturbance into them. Such people are needed to address the challenges in an impartial manner. We need to create such a society where there is full of positive people. We need to create positive politicians, positive Doctors/Engineers/Business men, Positive Employers/Employees, Positive housewives etc.

SSBSSF with the vision of creating positive individuals is trying to address the present challenges of the society. We know that society is a collection of individuals. So unless an individual is positive, society cannot be positive.

We all understand that thought comes before action. So, removing negative thoughts from human beings would eventually reduce the negative actions.

SSBSSF focusses on removing the negative thoughts through the practice of Silentation. Since it is difficult for human beings to remove negative thoughts, there is a help from the Enlightened Master for removing the negative thoughts. Positive perceptional changes happens to all those who are sincerely practicing silentation.

SSBSSF is also building the structure “Mouna Mantapa/Temple of Silence” which provides opportunity for everyone who wants to practice silentation.

SSBSSF envisages to create saints in the society. The same would be the vision of saintly people who want the society to lead a harmonious and peaceful life.