How the Youth gets benefited from Shivality

Among various stages in human life in this world, youthful stage is very precious and awesomely important. A lot can be accomplished during this period as both body and mind would be strong. This period has to be utilized rightly by everyone before they get old. However, the life of youth is misused towards enjoying life instead of strengthening the mind. When body loses its youthfulness, mind also loses its strength since mind depends upon the body for enjoyment. This passing youthfulness is called materialistic youthfulness.

The materialistic youthfulness always goes in search for happiness and enjoyment. This urge never gets satisfied and wants changing conditions every time in search of excitement and pleasure. If it doesn't happen, the youth become dull and begin to experience boredom. To avoid dullness, they tend to get involved in adventurous activities willing to face challenges. Everything would be done for pleasure. They also want appreciation from others from time to time for being happy. In some cases, youth might even embark upon unethical means when they are not able to fulfill their desires without bothering about the consequences.

This materialistic society encourages youth setting the goal in life to become rich and therefore focus all their efforts in acquiring higher positions and qualifications. They never get trained to face difficulties and failures but pushed for achieving success always. Thereby they would undergo all kinds of pressure absorbing stress and strain to achieve something in life. In case of lack of appropriate opportunities, they become desperate and take up whatever job available under duress. This could lead to developing some bad habits that might affect their health. Apart from the craze of becoming rich, youth also get into the fad of going for comforts at any cost, ethical or unethical. In the process, many become selfish, negative and cause disharmony in the family and the society.

In effect, the society becomes the cause for driving youth to become negative. As such, a jobless youth is considered an useless guy and an unmarried female is considered a social burden to the family. Both male and female youth would be under great pressure in life because of the society. Instead of motivating youth in developing a strong mind to face adverse situations, the materialistic society drives them becoming crazy.

Every job should be considered precious and youth should be trained to accept doing jobs which give mental satisfaction rather than taking up those yielding great returns by undergoing heavy stress and strain. This trend in the society needs to be changed by helping youth to develop a strong and powerful mind. This can be done by nurturing and empowering the 'Spiritual Positivity' in the youth. It is the only way to develop mental strength in them. Spiritual positivism acquired through Shivality training destroys the negativity in the youth and relieves from stress and strain. Shivality makes youth positive and capable of withstanding the changing situations and pressures from the society. Shivality is based on the power of Shivam within every human being. The condition of Shivam is ever youthful.

If the youth of the nation is not strong, the progress of the nation never happens. Youth should be positive whether they are employed or not and married or unmarried. They should be trained to utilize the opportunities available or create opportunities. Every attempt by the youth should be considered success irrespective of the ultimate result. If the motivation is only for achieving success, the youth would be under pressure and they may not venture because of the fear of facing failures.

The youth of the nation must become mentally strong through appropriate training as in Shivality with a clear understanding that every attempt itself is a success and every one attempting itself is great. This attitude in the youth will definitely bring great results!