”To make everyone individually Positive.”

Each of us have a spiritual calling from within. This movement is for a true seeker who recognizes his spiritual calling and is interested in the Positive Transformation of the self for realizing the higher purpose of life.

This transformation can be achieved with the assistance of a spiritual guide of a rare caliber who will enable you to imbibe positive perceptional changes through the practice of Silentation.


The focus of Nisargaateetha Chetana[NC] has always been on enhancing the Spiritual Quotient of every seeker by providing an experiential understanding of the power of the inner self, thus making spirituality accessible to all sincere seekers.

We strongly believe that Positive People alone can render selfless and quality service to the society. Consequently, our vision has evolved and we are now zealously pursuing Shivality—”Training the mind to perceive the positive side of every situation”.

The purpose of NC Shivality practice is to enable everyone to perceive the power of positivity while being mindful of the need to continue to live in the society and carry on with our duties.

“From Human to Humane and the transformation to total positivity” spells the doctrine of N.C.